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Best of fashion watches

Small Gasoline Engines

Have you heard about the Loyalty program offered by the Oil Companies? It is a great opportunity for consumers to receive free gas so you should know all the inside secrets about it.

This loyalty program is structured in a way that the consumer doesn't have to jump through a bunch of hoops to receive their free gas. Spend $100 at one Oil Brand each month and you will receive $25 Gas Card for 6 months.

If you are spending $100 plus a month a the oil brand stations around the country you are personally generating $600 in Revenue for that company. So minus the $150 in oil mill Free Gas you are still generating $450 for that particular company. Now you take that $25 gas card and revisit the store and spend it on fuel or items within the store and that goes back in the pocket of the Oil Brand.

A marketing company that handles the mailings for the Oil Companies understand the envelope has 100% open rate. How many other pieces of direct mail have 100% open rate besides bills? The marketing company will sell advertisement space in that envelope so other companies can include their flyers and special offers. The consumer is under no obligation with those offers to receive their $25 gas card. In fact, they can take their gas card out of the envelope and throw the oil mill rest of it in the trash.

What if one of the offers in the envelope was for a credit card? Credit card companies pay up to $200 for each approved application of a credit card. So let's say 10 out of a 100 people that receive the gas card also apply for a credit card that means that company just received another $2000 on their free gas giveaway.

At first glance it might seem like the loyalty program is a loser for the Oil Companies but I think you can see why it makes financial sense for each company involved. This program is growing in popularity everyday because of the simplicity and ease of use for the consumer.

Businesses are using the loyalty program to attract new prospects or get existing customers to purchase other products. This is truly a Win/Win for the consumer and the business because of the simple structure of the program. No Hoops and No Gimmicks just spend $100 month in Fuel and receive $25 Gas Card.

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