Best of fashion watches

Best of fashion watches

The Oil Change And Your Motorcycle

Jane Wurwand, the founder of Dermalogica, has been quoted as saying that good skincare is no more about luxury than brushing one's teeth. Believing since the beginning that looking good is a happy byproduct of overall health, it makes sense Dermalogica would extend their line beyond simple facial skin care. As companion care to their complexion line, Dermalogica also features what they call "Daily Groomers."

Daily Groomers: Good Skin, Head to Toe

Daily Groomers consist of five products intended to pamper your body, literally, head to toe. Daily Groomers include shampoo and conditioner, a shaving oil, deodorant, and hand and nail treatment. As with the rest of their products, the Daily Groomers receive kudos from the press, and highly satisfied users.

Like their other products, the shampoo and conditioner not only cleanse the hair, but also treat the scalp. In addition to promising a lustrous, shiny mane, the shampoo and conditioner soothe and Oil Press hydrate the skin of the scalp, without leaving either oily deposits, or stripping it of its natural moisture. Ultimately it claims to deliver health to all hair types, free of irritation, flaking, or itchiness.

All the Daily Groomer products are designed to be used and appreciated by both men and women. Their deodorant, in particular, has been praised by European men's magazines as a necessary staple of any man's medicine cabinet. Likewise the hand and nail treatment ("think of it as a glove in a tube" they say) and the shave oil (GQ and New Woman give it equal praise) seem to be perfect for anyone who wants to have beautiful skin not only from the neck up, but from the forehead down.

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