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Microphone detection Windows 7

Ok, I solved now as it this question is related to gaming a searched the Steam Gaming Forums a second time and apparently It found more results now then it did before. But I can still tell give you a better description:

When I play a game, Team Fortress 2 as an example, I have me sol republic tracks hd Logitech G35 headset connected to it. Whenever I press the push to talk key to talk in the game the sound device lowers sol republic the volume of the game for me to have it easier to get responds.

The issue lies in that when the game lowers my volume with about 80 % it never goes back up again. This is highly annoying as some programs in the background playing music almost becomes mute.


There is no exact solution to the get the sound back up again automatically as it was intended with the Logitech G35. But you can disable the ability to lower the volume at all through the Windows sound configuration.

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