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Since, Punjabi is the frontrunner when it comes to the number of people who understand it and use rolex replica it, Punjabi news or news in Punjabi is also the most widely followed way of garnering news and information. Punjabi news papers that were once a vehicle of news and information dissemination in the times of national freedom struggle, have now evolved into a prosperous industry. Punjabi news is increasingly becoming a linqua franca in newsrooms.

Punjabi news has become the most popular choice after hindi because it reaches out to the masses at all levels. If that wasn all, it has also caught the attention of advertisers and marketing companies for theye found an opportunity to showcase their concepts and ideas in the most constructive manner to a majority of Punjabis. Media houses in Punjab recognize the market value of Punjabi and have capitalized on it. Today, Punjabi news channels are one of the largest profit making news networks in India. Similarly in the print media, Punjabi language newspapers like jagbani, easily beat their hindi cousins by millions in readership. The online versions of Punjabi newspapers are also creating quite a flutter these days as they are providing a fair amount of interesting news which includes sports, political, entertainment related news in Hindi language and hence, efficiently serving the Indian Diaspora across the globe with their daily dose of news and information.

The Punjabi advertising and marketing scenario has witnessed a steep increase because of the application of Punjabi news platforms such as newspapers, magazines, television, Internet advertising, and so on. However, the conventionalism and undying popularity of Punjabi newspapers makes them the favored choice for advertisers to promote their products.

Gone are the days when Punjabi, was taken to be the fiddle to Hindi and Punjabi news has played quite a vital role in propagating the language amongst the citizens, especially the youth. If that wasn all, the power of Punjabi news has also affected NRIs in a humungous way, thanks to the mass reach of Punjabi language via newspapers, e-newspapers, portals and TV channels. What quite likeable is the fact that Indians have finally broken away from the shackles of double standard and accepted that their mother tongue comes at par with Hindi and that precisely the reason why Punjabi news has come of age. So, Punjabi news in Punjab can now categorized as not something that as good as Hindi but perhaps even better than it.
Being the outstanding and meticulous citizens of India, we all have the right to be informed about issues taking place in the country. A news piece helps to create discussions that can last till the resolutions are made. After all, it is always important to increase our general knowledge and should keep ourselves abreast of latest happenings.

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